Friday, 26 June 2015

The Ideal Weight Loss Exercise Plan At The Gym

Regular workout is very important if you are on a mission to lose a lot of weight at a certain period of time. Certainly, gym is the best place you can be to burn off your body fat, build muscles and thus get a great body shape with small waist and broader shoulders that looks incredibly well from the outside. With such a great look, you will not only look good from the outside but also feel amazing from the inside, boosting your confidence level to a great extent.

Therefore, developing a proper weight loss exercise plan is mandatory here with the workout schedule that should also be combined with proper diet to get fast and effective results. Before joining the gym and start lifting weights, you have to make sure your body and its joints are flexible and fit enough to start lifting weights. Therefore, make sure you have been on a free hand exercise program for at least a month before starting to take on the weights. As a beginner at the gym, you should start with the basics with very light weights and effective cardio sessions. Moreover, you will also be targeting different parts of the body at each day of the workout sessions. For example, the chest and triceps on one day followed by back and biceps the other day and legs and shoulders the next day. After the end of 3 days of continuous workout sessions, you will take a minimum of two days rests to start all over again from the next day. Furthermore, you will end each of your sessions with some basic abs exercises.
Therefore, keeping all these factors into consideration, let us have a look at the training schedule you must follow to achieve the best figure possible.
Day 1
Chest & Triceps
Cardio –  25 to 30 minutes including treadmill, cycling, skipping, jumping jacks
Push-ups – (15×3)
Bench Press -  (15×3)
Incline Bench Press – (15×3)
Dumbbell Fly – (15×3)
Pull Over – (15×3)
Bench Dips – (15×3)
Tri-Push Down – (15×3)
Overhead Extension – (15×3)
Crunch – (20×3)
Leg Raise – (10×3)
Side Bend – (20×3)
Day 2
Back and Biceps
Cardio – 30 minutes
Assisted Chin up – (10×2)
Lat Pull Down – (15×3)
Seated Cable Row – (15×3)
One Arm Dumbbell Row – (15×3)
Barbell Bicep Curl – (15×3)
One Arm Dumbbell Bicep Curl – (15×3)
Hammer Curls – (15×3)
Crunch – (20×3)
Leg Raise – (10×3)
Side Bend – (20×3)
Day 3
Legs and Shoulders
Cardio – 15 minutes (Only Cycling)
Squat (Without weights) – (15×3)
Leg Press – (15×3)
Leg Extension – (15×3)
Leg Curl – (15×3)
Military Press – (15×3)
Dumbbell Shoulder Press – (15×3)
Side Raise – (15×3)
Front Raise – (15×3)
You should follow this workout schedule for at least six weeks and change the routine based on your progress. Never follow the same routine for a long time as the body will start adapting to same routine and you will see fewer changes in your body. Moreover, following the same routine will make you feel boring all the time and therefore, making continuous changes to the routine will keep you motivated in the workout program. Also make sure to start lifting heavier weights slowly as the time progresses depending on your strength and energy levels. As you progress further in the gym workout routine, your exercises will get tougher with heavier weights and more sets while setting the repetitions accordingly based on the weights you are taking.
Make sure to track your progress all the time by routinely checking your weights from time to time. Also check for the sizes of the different parts of the body such as your waistline, your chest and the arms. After the end of each workout routine, check how much of waist line you have lost and how much muscles you have developed in your arms and chests. If you all this procedure effectively with proper diet, nutrition and supplementation, you will see how much progress you have made at a certain period of time.



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