Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Nutrition Plans For Weight Loss

It is important to have proper nutrition plans for weight loss if you are looking for a healthy way of getting slim. In order to maintain a good and healthy body shape, you need to eat healthy as well that would guide you properly in a gradual weight loss process.

You need to understand what type of nutrients each of your food in your diet plan contains and how you should allocate them properly to be consumed at different times of the day depending on your calorie needs. Therefore, it is important to have distinctive meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner to help you in the weight loss process to give you the most effective results.


If you want an effective weight loss, you must have proper breakfast where it is best if you make the breakfast the heaviest meal of your day. Add a lot of carbohydrates in the meal so that you have enough energy throughout the day that can be broken down from the carbs you consumed. A heavy breakfast will also allow you to take small meals throughout the day and thus going through a good fat burning process especially if you are working out regularly.
The food items that you can include in your breakfast are:
Green Tea
Sugar/Fat Free Cereals
Scrambled eggs
Banana (not more than one)
French Toasts (with or without eggs)
Potato wedges
Make sure to keep a proper balance with each of these items knowing how much calorie you are consuming and how much you are likely to burn throughout the day. Also keep alternative options to keep you motivated to stay in the diet. Innovatively preparing several meals with these food items or other foods with similar nutrients will help you to stay motivated.

Lunch and Snacks

If you have a heavy breakfast, you can take very light lunch or perhaps taking snacks at regular intervals might be the best idea. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables throughout the day with some protein and as less carbs as possible.
Here is the list of food that you can include for lunch or other small meals.
Roasted Chicken/Turkey
Brown Rice
Chicken Sandwich
Tilapia Fish
Black Coffee
Fruit Salad

The list of fruits and vegetables are actually countless where you can combine them creatively to keep you going through the meal plans each day and enjoy them.


It is actually better to keep similar meals in your dinner that you had for lunch where it is effective if you cut down the rice from the menu. Rice contains a lot of carbs where for your dinner the amount of carbs intake should be very minimum for you as you will not have any activity at night before going to bed that can be broken down into energy. Moreover, include most of the vegetable items that have been listed previously for your dinner with salads letting you help with the necessary fibers that your body needs. It is ideal to cut down the fruits as well for dinner where vegetables only can do the proper job. You can have sugar free yogurts too before going to bed.


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