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Proper Meal Plans For Weight Loss

Developing proper and healthy meal plans for weight loss may be difficult for anybody who wants to have a clean and healthy diet for an effective weight loss program. A lot of research is needed to be done to understand the calorie levels and other nutrients that are present in each of the food items. It is also important to know which food helps the body in what ways with its nutrients that our body needs for a healthy weight loss process.

Generally speaking, the level of your diet should reflect the goal that you have set in your weight loss program where the more weight you want to lose, the stricter will be your diet.  It also depends upon the amount of exercises you do and the type of body you have to understand the daily calorie balance that you need to have during this program. However, you may acquire a general idea on what type of food to eat at different times of the day for the better effectiveness of the diet, so let us have a look at the meal plans you may have at different times of the day.


It is a clever idea to have a heavy breakfast in the morning where you can consume the most carbohydrates and fats of the day. Potatoes and bananas are the best are the best source of such carbs and fats which would be broken down into energy and let you stay active throughout the day. Taking sufficient amounts of fats and carbs would allow you to stay full throughout the day with very little need for heavy meals at the later parts of the day where your activities will be less and thus less room for the nutrients to be broken down into energy.
Therefore an ideal menu for a healthy breakfast can include potatoes, banana (do not take more than two where one banana is the best option), oatmeal, sugar or fat free cereals, green tea, lemon, eggs, and toasts and so on. Avoid any type of high fat food items like butter, cream or chocolates.
In this process, if you have a heavy breakfast, you can have small meals throughout the day like every two or three hours. The meals may include lots of fruits and vegetables and other snacks such as chicken sandwiches and so on. This will help you to be functional all the time being fresh and energetic throughout the day and also aiding the weight loss process.


Since it is very effective to have small meals every two to three hours, many people skip lunch in the process as they are constantly eating and therefore does not have the need for a lunch. If you do not have the option to eat at continuous intervals for office work and so, you can always design your lunch at an innovative way to give you the most nutrients from it. In the lunch, make sure to have a lot of protein in the menu, like chicken or eggs. Also include many vegetable items like carrots, zucchini, spinach, avocado, lettuce, tomato and so on. If you want beef or turkey, make sure they are roasted pretty well. Also include fruits such as apples, berries or grapes to get you going.


Many people eat a lot of chips, crackers and cookies in their snacks late in the afternoon. You must avoid all these junk foods at any cost where your snacks should be simple including all the fruit items mentioned above and also you can go for some healthy low fat yogurts to help your body with the necessary calcium needs that is important in the weight loss program, especially if you are exercising regularly.


Dinner is basically your last meal of the day where after the meal you will not have any more activity for the day before going to bed. Therefore, it is important to eat as less carbs and fats as possible. Your dinner meal should be simple with lots of vegetables again and some protein source likes roasted chicken and turkey. You can include fish items also like tilapia which has high protein contents. If possible you can also add oatmeal in the menu which is the best food item dinner if you are on a strict weight loss program. A little bit of brown rice is also not bad with salmons, olives and almonds which are in fact very healthy.
Make sure you take your dinner as early as possible especially if you are adding a menu with rice, chicken and vegetables and eggs. If you go to bed directly after the dinner than the food you consume will easily turn into fat when you are sleeping as your body is not moving around much at night and thus having no activities for the food nutrients to be broken down into energy. It is ideal to have dinner three to four hours before going to bed which also helps in the proper digestion process.
Your meal plans and the menu would depend on how active you are throughout the day. If your work involves lots of movements, you may need to eat a bit more as you are burning off some calories with the movements. If you are exercising regularly, your diet plan will be different according to the type of exercises you do. For example, if you are lifting weights at the gym, you may need to add a lot of protein in your diet to burn fat and grow muscles. Moreover, the diet plan also would vary according to genders where males would need more calories than females where at the same time females should be including more calcium and vitamin rich food items in their diets. Furthermore, also drink a lot of water throughout the day; avoid any juice or colas or perhaps energy drinks where you should only drink clean simple water.


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