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3 Best Morning Exercises

Morning exercise has been proven to be effective that is why they have come up with 3 best morning exercises. When a person is asleep, stored carbohydrates are being used in order to perform different functions of the body. When morning comes, being hungry is normally felt due to burned carbohydrates.


When a person decides to exercise before eating breakfast, the body tends to burn the stored fats since the stored carbohydrates were already used by the body. This is the reason why many believed that early morning exercise is more effective as compared to any exercise done in the other time of the day.

Since it is believed that early morning exercise is very effective, the 3 best morning exercises came into being. These 3 best morning exercises are suitable for those who want to lose weight fast and stay healthy for the rest of the day.

Morning versus Evening Exercise

Evening exercise is becoming popular because some people find it convenient. Unlike the 3 best morning exercises, evening exercises are not that popular yet. However, the first reason why some prefer evening exercise is the timing. Most of the time, people are rushing during the day. Due to this, evening exercise benefits those who are busy with day work. As a result, additional time can be devoted on evening exercises. If you do evening exercise after dinner, it also gives additional energy to use and carbohydrates to burn.

During this time, gyms are also less crowded as compared to visiting during the day. Most importantly, evening exercise can give you a sound sleep. If you are an evening person, you may want to create your own list similar to 3 best morning exercises.

In spite of all the benefits of evening exercise, morning exercise is still common that is why 3 best morning exercises were created. Most people were used to work out during the day, and this is being done long before. As mentioned in the early part of this article, morning exercise is very effective since fats are burned aside from carbohydrates. In addition, metabolism is also at its peak after an early morning workout. If you are a morning person, you may want to try the 3 best morning exercises that will be discussed later on.


Top Three Morning Exercises

Before evening exercises were discovered, most people go on an early morning exercise. This is believed to be effective in order to maintain energy needed for the entire day. While it is true that there are hundreds of morning exercises, the 3 best morning exercises were compiled in order to inform people on what exercises are good to try. In addition, it does not just bring good health but also nice physique.


1. Cardio exercise 

The first among the 3 best morning exercises is cardio exercise. This type of exercise helps in improving the health of both the lungs and heart while helping to burn fats. This exercise can also be combined with strength-training exercises for optimum results. Some of the common strength-training workouts include squat jumps and jumping jacks. Cardio vascular machines are also available like treadmill, stair-stepper, elliptical machine and stationary bike. If you prefer group training, boxing, Taebo or step aerobics are some of the options. Since cardio exercise is one of the 3 best morning exercises, it is important to know and understand the different types of cardio exercises.

Running – This is considered to be one of the cheapest forms of exercise since it does not make use of any equipment. Normally, 100 calories are burned when you run for a mile and this makes it the best cardio exercise. In order to lose weight, do not forget to include running among the 3 best morning exercises.

Climbing steps – The idea of moving up and down makes climbing a good cardio exercise. Climbing in steps gives a good workout for the lungs and heart. Additionally, it also benefits the thigh and calf muscles. Most importantly, this can be done indoors or outdoors, and this can make its way to the 3 best morning exercises.


Dancing – Aside from getting the benefits of cardio exercise, dancing can also give other forms of benefits. With the help of music and dance moves, the idea of exercising is being replaced by enjoyment. Dancing makes use of several body parts such as legs, arms, abdomen and muscles. Do you think this should be part of the 3 best morning exercises?


2. Resistance training  

Part of the 3 best morning exercises is resistance training. This particular exercise helps in increasing metabolism, developing the muscles, increasing bone density, lowering the blood pressure, decreasing the LDL levels and improving the immune system of the body. With all these benefits, it can own a spot on the 3 best morning exercises.

Ball crunches – This is one of the most common forms of resistance training and part of the 3 best morning exercises. With the help of a ball, a person can get several benefits. Some of the benefits include toned muscles, weight loss, weight gain, and fitness. This is being done by laying down your back on a big ball where the shoulder blades are on the ball, and the hips are slowly rolling up that makes the abs contract.


Lunges – This form of resistance training is still part of the 3 best morning exercises because it benefits the thighs, butt, legs, lower body and the quadriceps. This is performed by standing vertically and putting weights in either of the hands. Then, extend one leg forward while the back is straight. Start bending the knees but not to the point of extending it over the toes. Though this is considered as one of the best resistance training, people with knee problems are not encouraged to do this.


3. Stretching  

The last among the 3 best morning exercises is stretching. This should be done before and after performing routine exercises. In fact, stretching is a good way to avoid muscle tear. In addition to several common exercises, stretching can be part of on the 3 best morning exercises.

Side stretches – This is one of the most common forms of stretches. This is done by putting one hand on your hip while the other one is in the air reaching across your head. This can become more effective if you lean over as far as you can.

Feet reach – This is done by sitting down on the floor with the legs straight in front. Start by sliding your hands down to your legs and reaching as far as you can without bending the knees. To add variety, you can also spread your legs and reach toward one foot one after the other.


Though there might be some debates whether morning or evening exercise is more effective, both still helps people in their goals of becoming healthy. For optimum results, make sure to check out the 3 best morning exercises.


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