Friday, 17 April 2015

Slimming Secrets; Other secrets...

Breathing for Weight Loss

A secret that is completely FREE OF CHARGE!

To lose weight and burn calories, you need oxygen...

Your body needs oxygen to increase the volume of your respiratory exchange. To do this, try the following breathing technique:
1. Place your hands with your palms open both on your thorax and on the sternum, your middle fingers touching the center line.
2. Breathe in deeply to fill your lungs up with air. Your chest will expand, your ribs will rise up and your hands will move slightly apart from each other. Then breathe out until you have expelled all the air from your lungs. Your ribs will move down and your hands will come back together until your fingers touch again.
3. Do this 10 more times and then twice a day for as long as you are dieting, you'll lose weight more freely and a little more easily. After a certain time -- about two weeks or so, you'll see the benefits of a greater breathing capacity. If you continue doing this periodically (for a couple of weeks, every 3 to 4 months) it will become a habit that will be with you until you go to sleep.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Drink Green tea to break through a plateau

You are following the diet exactly, and are not having any lapses, yet your weight is stagnating. Don’t worry--this always happens to "dieters”. I don't know of anyone who has lost 20 pounds without having experienced at least one plateau lasting over 6 days. I call this a "pause". In this situation there are lots of things you can do. Make sure that you haven't made a mistake, that it's not do to water retention because of pre-menopause or because a period is due. The idea I like to suggest is green tea. For three days, don't drink any more water, only drink green tea throughout the morning, at lunch, at tea-time, in the evening and even during the night if you are getting up to go to the toilet. Cold, hot, with ice, however you like it just as long as it’s nonstop green tea and if you keep up with the diet (as well as minimum physical exercise) you stand every chance of breaking through this plateau.

Cold Water to Lose Weight 

To help you lose weight, have a cold drink!

If you put a natural mineral water bottle in the fridge and drink 2 liters from it this water will be at a temperature of 39.2°F. When you eliminate it, it has to be at 96.8°F. This means that your body will have heated the water and raised its temperature, which means expending 60 calories. If you want to prove this to yourself with a specific example and you have an electric stove, put this amount of cold water into a pan on top of your stove and switch on the heat. With a kitchen thermometer check the temperature of the water as it rises. Note how long it takes to reach 98.6°F and the electricity consumed. To understand how much energy 2 liters makes you burn up, all you need do is multiply the energy output of your electrical resistance (written in watts on the stove top) by the number of minutes required. Check this out once and you'll be convinced for life. For those of you with a gas stove the experiment is a little trickier-- trust me and your body will thank you for it!

Aromatherapy for Weight Loss

To stop snacking, go to your Dr. Dukan fragrance box. Every day between 5pm and 7pm is when you'll be tempted to snack.

Every day between 5pm and 7pm is the hunger trap, the time when those little hunger pangs nag away at you. I have a solution for you--find a nice air-tight box in metal, glass or plastic. Place 6 decent sized cloves, 6 crushed coffee beans, a stick of crushed vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon and 2 drops of rum extract. Then allow a day for the different ingredients to blend together and produce a fusion. Each time you feel an urge to nibble something open up your box and smell the fragrance that escapes from it. Inhale several times--get your fill of these smells and let temptation fade away.


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