Thursday, 16 April 2015

Slimming Secrets; Food

Chocolate for Weight Loss 

If you have a passion for chocolate, it's because you love the richness and smoothness that defines cocoa. It is this that holds the magic and power of its taste.

It’s in cocoa’s powder where its stimulating effects are concentrated. Cocoa has anti-depressant properties and contains phenylethylamine—a feel good substance. Cocoa’s magnesium provides a soothing and tranquilizing effect. Theobromine and caffeine are compounds in cocoa responsible for the strongest sensory and emotional charge of all the foods in the world. The rest of the cocoa is made up of cocoa butter and sugar--this adds calories and cholesterol. When dieting, buy some low fat cocoa from a health food store and start adding it to yogurt, skim milk and your fat free cream cheese. Treat yourself and lose weight at the same time!

Eggplant Appetite Suppressant 

The eggplant appetite suppressant!

A little slimming secret that is as effective as it is tasty.

You're hungry, you're a big eater, and you like to feel full after a meal. If you are drawn toward foods that are delicious and help you lose weight -- then I’ve got what you need! Take a lovely eggplant and using a pointed knife, prick it 3 times on each side to a depth of 0.5 inches. Push a clove of garlic into each slit. Then put the eggplant in the oven at 450F. When you can hear the skin crackle and you see it's starting to peel away with the crackling, take the eggplant out and put it on a plate. Then cut it in half lengthwise as you would an avocado. Take one half -- add salt and pepper and using a teaspoon eat the flesh. When you've finished, try sitting down to eat. The feeling of having eaten will trigger satiety in the brain. You'll be able to tackle your lunch or dinner more calmly and the eggplant's pectin will pass through your body taking some calories with it. Life is sweet with eggplants!

Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss 

Try two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before every big meal.

Several studies done in four continents suggest apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss. The recommended amount is 2 tablespoons. Taken at the start of a meal, vinegar helps break down proteins and fats. The acidity can sometimes limit how much a person can take -- those with a sensitive stomach or past history of ulcers should not use it at all.

Weight Loss Secrets

Be in control of your palate!

Here's a simple secret which could benefit you, especially if you are a big eater or eat quickly.

Open your mouth wide and with the tip of your forefinger touch the inside surface of your upper incisors and go up towards the base of these two teeth: there you are, at the edge of your palate. Its concave side starts here and finishes right at the back with the uvula. The first front third of your palate is turned on by a nerve that has no tasting function. In this area, you make contact with the food and feel its texture but not its flavor.
At the end of this area, the back part starts whose function is to echo the tongue and produce taste sensations. To be clear, it is important for any food in the mouth to stay on this back part of the palate. However, when the food gets here, it is naturally sucked away by the pharynx then passes into the esophagus. Conclusion – it passes through too quickly to provide you with what you are looking for from food, namely pleasure. Here's the secret: when you are eating, as soon as the food has been sufficiently chewed and soaked with saliva and starts to give out taste and flavor, use your tongue to pass it back onto the back of your palate while trying to make this contact time last as long as possible. This balancing exercise can be learned and followed. When you feel that the food is going to disappear, bring it back towards the front and enjoy a second passage. This way you'll increase your sensory satisfaction. If you are not sure what I'm telling you, try the following experiment: swallow a coffee bean just as it is – zero sensation. Now chew it up finely – total sensation. It's the same for any food. So don't forget: become the master of your palate!

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

In my diet, fruit is allowed in Consolidation, once you have reached your True Weight.

In grocery stores, I have counted about 45 common fruits-- which mean that there is a wide variety of fruits that come from all over the world.

Of these 45 fruits, try to avoid four of them: 1. Bananas, which are both high in sugar and a poor source of vitamins and micronutrients. 2. Grapes which are super sugary. 3. Cherries, almost as sugary and which we eat quickly like grapes as they don't require much effort to chew. 4. Figs, once hard to find in a grocery store but they are now produced in Turkey and exported. Obviously, these 4 fruits are not prohibited for life but be aware that if you are trying to control your weight there are many other fruits far more suitable.

Weight Loss Tricks

A secret for the table: Putting your name on your knife!

Owner's instinct? No. But your knife has a purpose, to slice!

We are going to have to teach you to sharpen the blade--why? So that you can make use of the secret that I'm going to tell you. Equipped with your knife, get into the habit of slicing your meat as thinly as possible. Aim to cut down the thickness of your slices so that this work takes some time and doesn't leave you inactive. Lots of people eat because they are bored and aren't able to sit at the table without doing something. Moreover, the thinner your meat is sliced, the more the flavors will develop, the more it will absorb your saliva, and the more it will release taste sensations in your mouth. The pleasure of eating is produced and captured from contact with the tongue and the rear of the palate. This secret is all the more valuable if the food is firm and not easily broken down. What holds for beef or steak is equally true for tuna, monkfish and other firm fish. The same is true for raw vegetables. Actually you can slice anything that your teeth have to really work on. To do this you'll need a knife with a sharp cutting edge. This knife needs to be yours and yours only. This is why you have to mark it as you must be able to recognize it!


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