Sunday, 5 April 2015

6 secret reasons why you're gaining weight

1. Stress

Some people lose weight when they’re stressed, others pile it on. If you are under a lot of stress, your weight gain may be due to the stress hormone, cortisol, which in addition to reducing immune function, and affecting concentration levels, also increases fat deposition in the body. Learn to meditate and unwind.

2. Thyroid levels

Low levels of thyroid hormones often means you have low energy levels, your skin tends to be dry, you may feel the cold and you may possibly suffer from constipation. Additionally, it is very common for people with low thyroid hormone levels to put on weight and or find it very difficult to lose weight. Get your thyroid checked. Eat iodine rich food including seaweed.

3. Sneaky food

Sometimes a so-called ‘healthy’ food is a Trojan horse of unwanted kilojoules. Muesli is a prime offender. Toasted muesli is very often high in fat, whereas natural muesli is often high in sugar. Read the label carefully before investing in your next breakfast cereal.

4. Hormones

Oestrogen, the girly hormone, is responsible for a sexy curvy figure, however, a relative excess of oestrogen may increase your tendency to put on weight, as well as store fluid. The herb Vitex agnus castus helps regulate hormones, and vitamin B6 helps to shift excess fluid.

5. Poor sleep

Studies have shown that people who have poor quality, or reduced sleep, have more chance of being overweight, than those who receive their full 8 hour quota each night. Try some sedative herbs including Valerian, Californian poppy, hops and lemon balm. Avoid working too late at night, and have a small supper of hot milk and honey before retiring to bed.

6. Bowel bacteria

There are two main kinds of bacteria in the human bowel, Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes. In studies of obese and lean mice it was found that obese mice had more Firmicutes, whereas lean mice had more Bacteroidetes. Apparently Bacteroidetes bacteria are more effective at capturing kilojoules from food, increasing ones kilojoule intake per meal. Avoid sugar and take a good probiotic each day.


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