Saturday, 18 April 2015

7 Natural Weight Loss Foods To Get The Job Done

Research shows that adding Natural Weight Loss Foods to your diet can accelerate your weight loss process significantly. Yes I know, the unwanted fat is damn uncomfortable and take away from your natural beauty. So here is a list of natural weight loss foods you can add to your diet and they will do a fair share of the job for you.

 Almonds – (We all know the power)

 A study published on the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that chewing almonds is a good way to keep hunger at bay. Chewing many almonds will keep you full and since they are low in calories, you get the benefits of being on diet minus the hunger.

Oatmeal – (Don’t underestimate)

Oatmeal is a breakfast favorite as it releases energy gradually. According to a study published in the journal of nutrition, this characteristic makes eating a bowl of oatmeal about three hours before your workout session will help you burn more calories and more fat than you would if you did not eat the oats.

Eggs – (They pack that punch)

Another study proved that people who eat eggs for breakfast are usually full for longer. Dieters who had eggs for breakfast lost twice as much weight as those who had similar amount of calories from a different source.  Adding eggs to your salad or having an egg sandwich is an effective way to ensure that you stay full for longer during your dieting period.

Soup – (Warm but effective)

A recent research suggested that people who have vegetable soup appetizers are likely to eat fewer calories, up to 20 percent less, than those who do not have appetizers or have different foods as appetizers.

Apples – (Sweet fat burner)

Apples have always been eaten for their health benefits. Recently, a research that proved that increasing fiber intake prevents weight gain as well as boost weight loss saw the fruit join the weight loss best super foods list. A middle-sized apple contains roughly 95 calories and about four grams of fiber thus no surprise that it is most people’s favorite source of fiber.

Mushrooms – (The secret weapon)

Research shows that eating mushroom-based snacks is as filling as eating a non-mushroom based main meal. The best part is that by eating a mushroom-based snack, you will be full but your calorie intake will be much lower than if you dug in to a main meal.

Hot chili peppers – (Oh lord)

Sometimes, people gain weight because they eat more than their body requires hence the excess food ends up being stored as excess fat. Consuming hot pepper about half an hour before you have your meal will reduce your appetite. You can have chilies in sauces, tomato juice or if the hot taste is not for you, purchase chili capsules from your local drug store.

This short list will in time be updated, so feel free to mention any other foods you are aware of.


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