Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hype Dieting: The Grapefruit Diet

In terms of physical fitness, we often hear that a lot of people are dreaming of losing those extra flabs and pounds overnight. This is a sad reality because guess what? It’s not going to happen, not even in billion years. You need to work it off, not wish for something great to happen. No successful person has reached his position without working hard. The same goes for losing weight.

You don’t just go moving your whole body in any way, then you eat fast food afterwards. That is total insanity. Why would you spend a day in the gym then eat a bucket of fast food chicken an hour after? It’s a complete waste of time for you and your fitness coach, plus you spend a lot of money for nothing.
There had been a lot of diet programs invented and formulated to suit every person’s needs. Though most of those programs ended up successful and is currently applied to modern nutrition, some of them were found out to be bogus and inefficient. You wouldn’t want that do you?
There is a twist though. There are diet programs that we have been using for a long time, yet we still don’t know the real reason behind its “magical” effects. Consider this as another food “myth”. Let us know what the long-said speculations are, specifically about the grapefruit diet and the real score behind its ability to lose weight.

Fruits can actually help us lose weight, but not in the way we think it can. Take for example, the grapefruit diet. It has been a long-time speculation that it could burn fat faster. Users even claim that the fruit contains certain enzymes that break down the fat from your food. That is if you ate prior to your square meal.
In fact this has long been used. Since the 1930’s, people have been enamored about its supposed “fat burning” benefits. They have already tried this method for it is economic and somehow easy to have access to. If you have grapefruits in your house, that would give you an advantage.

Despite the claims made by constant users, it does burn your fat. The program often lasts 10-12 days making it very efficient form of dieting. With strict discipline and dedication, you get to lose as much as 10 pounds. Imagine that.

However there is a twist. Studies have shown that grapefruit does not actually burn fat, but it definitely aids in weight loss. In one study, an obese person was to eat half of a grapefruit for 12 weeks. The results were surprising. He has lost a good amount of weight compared to others who didn’t use grapefruit products.

The main culprit behind grapefruit’s magical power? Water. That’s right water. It is because of the high amount of water content. This helps you feel full and will make you eat less. Too bad for those who thought wrong all along.

Now you know the real deal behind the grapefruit diet. Don’t go out on it, it’s still the same diet you’ve been eating.


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