Wednesday, 22 April 2015

10 Snacks that Burn Fat

The best way to stick to a healthy meal plan is snacking outside of your regular meals to control hunger. Consuming snacks that help to burn fat will keep you satisfied all day long so that when it comes to mealtime, your portions remain moderate because you aren’t starving.

Snacking can be the best thing you do for your body but can also be the worst. If you find yourself grabbing sugary, refined foods when you feel hungry you are only fulfilling a craving and not doing anything to benefit your body, you actually doing the opposite. Thoughtless binging can lead to guilt and you might find yourself skipping meals to make up for the extra calories.
Good carbs like whole grains, healthy fats and protein are the three key components to consider when preparing a snack. Here is a great list of nutritious snacks that will burn fat and keep you satisfied until your next meal.
1. Celery and Almond Butter
Almond butter is high in protein and a satisfying snack when you are on the run. It’s delicious smeared on almost anything but try a low calorie vegetable like celery to keep it light.
2. Almonds and Dark Chocolate.
This combo is more of a treat than a snack and the benefits are surprisingly great. Dark chocolate is a wonderful antioxidant and extra nutritious when paired with almonds. Try it next time you have a sweet craving.
3. Canned Tuna on Whole Grain Flat Bread
High in protein and necessary fats, tuna will keep hunger at bay longer than most snacks.
4. Hummus and Carrots
This popular chickpea dip is great source of fiber. Try it with carrots or whole grain Pita.
5. Greek Yogurt with Berries
Greek yogurt is pretty high on the satiety list so a small amount combined with a handful of berries is a well-balanced snack to keep you fueled for a while.
6. Edamame
These highly addictive beans are the perfect snack all day long. If you’re used to watching TV with a bag of chips, try some lightly salted edamame instead.
7. An Apple and Almond Milk
This snack isn’t super high in protein but is a nice light option if dinner is around the corner.
8. Dried apricots
Dried fruits are high in fiber and carbohydrates so you only need a handful to stifle a craving. Opt for the ugly brown, disheveled kind so you know they aren’t filled with preservatives.
9. Hard Boiled Egg
The best part about hard-boiled eggs is you can boil a whole bunch of them and keep them refrigerated for the week. This quick and easy fat burning snack is bursting with benefits like Omega-3, protein and Vitamin D.
10. Avocado and Cottage Cheese
If you’re craving something rich and creamy try half an avocado filled with 1% cottage cheese. I know it might seem like a fatty snack but keep in mind these are healthy fats that we need to suppress hunger.
Remember, everything in moderation.

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