Monday, 20 July 2015

Low-Calorie Snacks Under 50 Calories

To lose weight, you need to decrease your calorie intake. Each set of 3,500 calories that you cut from your diet could, in theory, help you lose 1 lb. of body fat. If you feel hungry between two meals or just feel like eating a little something without exceeding your calorie budget, choose low-calorie snacks that provide less than 50 calories. Carefully measure the serving size to keep your calories low.


Most fruits contain more than 50 calories per serving but there are a few low-calorie options that you can eat at snack time if you feel like having something sweet. Avoid larger fruits, dried fruits, canned fruit and fruit juices and stick to low-calorie fruits. For example, you could snack on 1 cup of strawberries for 47 calories, 3/4 cup of grapes for 46 calories or a clementine for 35 calories.


Non-starchy vegetables have a very low calorie content and make a good snack option for your low-calorie diet. For example, 1/2 cup of baby carrots contains 30 calories, 1/2 a cucumber has 23 calories and a whole red bell pepper has 19 calories. You can dip your serving of raw vegetable in 1 tbsp. of hummus or guacamole, each of which contains an average of 20 to 25 calories.


You can also snack on protein-rich foods, which can be a good way to allocate your budget of 50 calories considering their high satiating power. For example, you could have a small hard-boiled or poached egg for 50 calories, 1.5 oz. of tuna fish canned in water for 49 calories, two slices of ham for 46 calories or 1/2 oz. of cheese for 43 calories. If you choose cheese made with partially skimmed milk, you could have a serving of up to 3/4 oz. for 50 calories.


Nuts are very dense in energy and calories, but if you can restrict yourself to a small serving, they can be a good way to get satiating protein and healthy fats. Your low-calorie snack could be 1/4 oz. of any nut for 42 to 48 calories, which corresponds to about six almonds, three macadamia nuts or 12 pistachios. Alternatively, you could have 1/2 tbsp. of nut butter, such as peanut butter or almond butter, for under 50 calories. You can spread it on celery sticks, which provide only 1 calorie per 4 inch-long stick.

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