Friday, 31 July 2015

7 Weight Loss Secrets – Changes You Can Make In One Minute

There are some tricks of the trade for staying slim for some women. Why do they keep it a secret you ask? I am not sure, but I wanted to find out what I’m missing. Are there some tips that can help my weight loss journey hit that extra leap? Whether we are losing the baby weight, new relationship weight, or just the day to day extra poundage, it seems you don’t have to completely overhaul what you are doing to start losing inches.
In some studies it has shown that the littlest changes in your lifestyle can actually help the pounds fall off effortlessly, and stay off. That re-gain of the same 10-20 pounds can be a real pain!
Here are some secrets that have been proven to work! And they won’t make you want to pull your hair out while you go grab that Snickers out of the vending machine.

1. Drink TeaCatechins and antioxidants found in green and white tea may accelerate fat burn, and boost metabolism. Women who had the highest amounts of those vitamins from the tea has shown to weigh less than those that don’t sip the brewed stuff.
Here is a recipe for a Homemade Raspberry Sun Tea
2. Enjoy Your Lunch
Eating slowly and enjoying each bite creates a hormone that gives you feeling of fullness. It can also help you avoid getting gas, and stay slim simultaneously. So ditch the distractions like watching television so you can enjoy and savor each bite.
3. Eat Your Breakfast!
I know, you have heard this one since you were a kid, and still hear it from all the nutritionists out there, but it is so true. People that have been eating breakfast since they can remember have a waistline that is about 2 inches smaller than people who skip the meal. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals eating in the morning can help rev your metabolism and can make less of an enzyme that can raise cholesterol.
4. Eat at the Same Time Everyday

It can help drop the pounds. A study at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California showed that when mice ate scheduled meals and then fasted for 12 hours at night, their liver burned more sugar and fat. so get your dinner in at the same time if possible, it might speed your weight loss effortlessly. Wouldn’t hurt to give it a try right.
5. Drink Water First Thing
When you first wake up, have a glass of water on your night stand to down as soon as you wake up. Researchers at Virginia Tech reveal that if you drink about 16 ounces in the morning helped people lose about  pounds more than non-water drinkers. Water is filling and if you drink it before a meal you can eat approximately 75- 90 calories less. Drink up!
6. Weigh Yourself
It might be hard to look at sometimes, but the habit helped non-dieters stay on track. Checking out the fluctuations can help you keep on track if it gets to be too much. You can fix your diet for the next few days, because you know where you stand.

7. Workout in the A.M.
Exercising on an empty stomach in the morning improves glucose tolerance, which helps your body burn fat.  Which in turn helps you lose weight faster.

What are some tricks you do to help keep the pounds away? Comment below! I would love to hear any tricks you've found effective and helpful!