Sunday, 13 September 2015

How to beat your biggest weight loss hurdles

Want to shift a few kilos? Tackle your lifestyle and diet hurdles and make losing weight just a little bit easier. We show you how.

You eat when you're not hungry

We're all guilty of eating when food is in front of us, even if we're not hungry. To combat this try and keep a food diary of everything you eat for a week then look at how much of what you ate was to satisfy real hunger and how much was because you were bored or eating out of habit. Pay close attention to your body's hunger signals and be more mindful of how hungry you are - this can help curb non-hungry eating.

Your motivation levels are non-existent

Set concrete goals. If you want to lose weight by your 30th birthday at the end of the year then use it as something to work towards. Setting a time frame on a weight loss goal will make it a real objective. Visual inspiration is always good (that's what Pinterest is for!) so collect images of things that will inspire you to lace up your sneakers when you'd rather hit the couch, and look at it when your motivation is waning.

How to beat your biggest weight loss hurdles

You're time poor

Not everyone has an hour to spare each day to train so make your workout time work harder. Commando Steve says training smart is the key. Put together exercises that are high intensity, functional and target as many muscles as possible. Not sure where to start? Here's a workout for every time frame - whether you've got 20 minutes or you've only got five minutes to spare

You have a sweet tooth

If sugar is your diet's worst enemy try starting your day with a savoury meal and a good dose of protein such as an omelette as opposed to sugary cereal will ensure the blood-sugar pendulum swings in the right direction and you don't experience a hypoglycaemic slump aka the 3pm trip to the vending machine for a chocolate bar. Also going cold turkey and steering clear of sweets will help curb the cravings. The reason being if you just taste sugar once you'll crave it again!

How to beat your biggest weight loss hurdles

You're not eating the right portions

Most of us are eating food portions that are much bigger than what we actually need. Get out the weighing scales and measuring cups and see just how much you're eating. You'll be surprised how much extra you're actually consuming on a day to day basis. As a basic rule your plate should consist of half vegetables or salad, a quarter carbs and a quarter protein.

Your alcohol intake

Most of us forget about the fact alcohol contains calories. For example a small glass of wine often contains the same number of calories as a row of chocolate! Because we're drinking it, we often don't think it counts. Watch what you sip!


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