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10 Golden Rules For A Healthy Weight Loss

If the BODY is not fed enough, it slows its metabolism and adjust carefully to create fat reserves to survive the new harsh conditions. Starvation only reduces the catabolism, therefore, at the end of a weight loss diet, when you return to your normal way of feeding, often you gain weight, usually with some bonuses. Try to eat about two thirds of the amount of food that you used to. Calculate your minimum caloric needs and do not descend below this value. To maintain its vital functions, the body of an adult needs 1 kcal / kg / hour of waking.

Meals should be small and dense. Best would be to eat every 3-4 hours or just a fruit or a piece of cheese. Meal taken after a long pause may CAUSE excessive secretion of insulin, which results in the accumulation of fat.

They contain refined flour and sugar that are absorbed very quickly by the body, RESULTING in an abundance of insulin secretion. In contrast, do not avoid flour and whole grains – black bread, whole grain flakes, pasta made from wheat and paddy rice – for the amount of vitamins and minerals are absolutely necessary for the body. Consumed in moderation, are not harmful to a weight loss diet.

Do not avoid healthy fats such as THOSE that are contained in fish meat, nuts or sunflower oil, especially those contained in olive oil. Healthy fats are beneficial from many points of view, and are absolutely necessary, because some fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin Dvitamin E and Vitamin K) are vital, so those vitamins need fat to BE absorbed.

10 Golden Rules for A Healthy Weight Loss

Do not APPLY this rule in a extreme way, because carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the body and the only source of energy for some organs such as the brain. On the other hand, a diet based mainly on proteins can LEAD over time to kidney disease. For a proper diet all three TYPES of nutrients in equal proportions must be inculded in the daily menu: 33% carbohydrates, 33% proteins and 33% fats.

It is the most harmful combination in a diet, unfortunately is the most prevalent in our regular diet. Sandwiches with sausages or cheese, pastries, pizza, pasta with cheese or meat, french fries, associations between meat and potatoes or rice, all are disastrous for our weight balance. Pasta – accepted only from whole grains – can be combined with vegetables or totally defatted diary. Meat can be combined with vegetables, except potatoes, corn, beans, peas. Caution at the combination with carrots because they contain more sugar. Protein gets along well with any of the other two nutrients.

This will give you full energy in the morning, when the body needs fuel, and stocks made by insulin will be consumed during the day and not stored.

Eat due to hunger, not lust. Remember that feeling of fullness occurs with a slight delay, so stop eating before you feel your stomach is full.

Aerobic exercise – including running, cycling – helps burning fat.

Developing muscle mass will enhance the catabolism, as muscles are huge energy consumers, unlike other body tissues.

Take supplements! – Are always beneficial and necessary because weight loss diets starve the body from all  necessary vitamins and minerals.  Supplements are also useful during a weight loss diet, as they offer a combination of essential nutrients in a concentrated formula, so you can reduce the amount of food without fear of depriving your body from vital elements.

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