Friday, 11 September 2015

Find Your Weight Loss Theme Song

Exercise is much more tolerable with music pumping. Not only can the beat set the pace, the right song can motivate you to move. For example, you might feel inspired to put on your jogging shoes and run a few laps when you hear the theme song from Chariots of Fire. The theme song from Rocky may have you ready to sign up for kickboxing classes. 
While your playlist may already be loaded with great songs, finding your own personal theme song is fun and inspirational. What makes a great weight loss or fitness theme song? It depends on your personality, musical preferences, and current goals. Try to pick a theme song that reflects who you are and has an uplifting message at the same time. If you like hard rock and roll, then an uplifting ballad probably won't work for you. However, you can still find some rockers with moving songs. For example, U2's It's a Beautiful Day has a great beat and a positive message.
You may already have an idea about which song to use. If not, use an online music service to listen to music clips by genre or your favorite artist. Get your friends involved by posting your favorite songs on your Facebook page or creating an online poll asking for input.
Pay close attention to the beat and the words of each song. If your exercise routine is heavy on aerobics, you may want a song with a fast beat. On the other hand, if you're into yoga, a softer song may be a better choice. As you narrow your list down, use the Internet to look up each song's lyrics. You may be surprised to find that some of your favorite songs contain negative themes or words which could undermine your efforts. Keep listening until you find an uplifting theme song that accurately reflects your personality and goals. 
If you have several favorites, move to them all before deciding which one is your personal theme song. As you exercise, which one feels right? Not sure that Song A is it? Move on to Song B. Still not the perfect song? That's okay, try Song C. Even if you don't find the perfect song, you'll have worked up a sweat to some good contenders. 
When you do find the perfect theme song, embrace it. Start moving to the music every time you hear it. Set it as the first song in your exercise playlist and you'll likely start connecting that song with exercise. Not in the mood to exercise? Crank up your theme song and break through that barrier. Play your theme song when planning your meals and you may find yourself making healthier decisions thanks to that subconscious link you've made between the song and your overall wellness routine.
Do you have a fitness or weight loss theme song? Share your favorites in the comments section below.

Hey guys! Thought this article would be a fun and a bit of a laugh for you guys aha. My weight loss theme song is so 'The Climb' by miley Cyrus aha. Comment below what yours is! Hope you enjoyed! xx


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