Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Get fit while watching TV

Make the most of your time spent in front of the TV

There are times in your life, and even certain days in the week, when fitting in a full workout feels impossible. So here is the ideal workout for these times. It’s easy and there’s no equipment required!

The workout

Do this workout in the ad breaks while watching TV. Each exercise will take up an entire ad break, which usually lasts about three minutes.

Do the moves in this order:

1. Plank
2. One-foot balance
3. Skiing
4. Side plank
5. Sumo squats

One an ad break finishes, you can jump back on the couch to recover, or stay on the ground and stretch.


Why? This is easy, effective cardio that requires no equipment and can be done anywhere.
How? Stand with legs split front and back. Perform a small jump, switching your feet as you land. Try to stay up on your forefoot and land lightly. Keep a fast pace and get through as many reps as you can. If this is too easy, do longer strides or hold hand weights. If it’s too hard, do high-knee marching on the spot. Try to keep a consistent pace for the entire ad break. If you need a break, pause for 5-10 seconds, then go again.

Sumo squats with alternate knee lifts

Why? A great strength and cardio combo. The squat works your legs and the leg lifts get your heart rate up.
How? Stand with feet shoulderwidth apart. Squat, lowering your butt to below knee level, then rise. At the top, lift one leg, touch your knee to your elbow, then lower it back to the ground and go into your next squat. As you come up, lift the other leg. If you can’t squat so deep, go as low as you can. Try to keep a steady pace for the whole ad break. If you need to, pause for 5-10 seconds, then repeat. If this is still too hard, rest for each alternate ad.
Sumo squats with alternate knee lifts

Side plank

Why? A side plank combined with a prone plank targets your core from all sides. The side plank specifically targets your obliques.
How? Lie on your side with your body straight and lean on your forearm. Have your knees bent and lower legs sticking out behind you. Brace your core, front and sides. Raise your hips, so your body forms a straight line from shoulder to knee. Make sure your body stays still. If this is easy, rest on your feet instead of your knees (pictured). Hold the position for one ad and change sides when the next one comes on until the ad break finishes.
Side plank


Why? Teaches you to activate your core muscles and will help you get a flatter stomach.
How? Lie flat on the ground. Go up into a push-up position but rest on your elbows and forearms instead of your hands. Look at a point just in front of your hands and clench your fists. Engage your core muscles and make sure you keep your spine long without your hips or stomach sagging. Start as soon as the ads start and see if you can hold the position for the whole break. If not, lower for 5-10 seconds, then go up again.

One-foot balances

Why? Ankle stability is important for movement. These are also good for knee and hip and stability and may even tighten your butt.
How? Raise one leg off the ground, staying tall with good posture. Don’t let your hip or torso sag to the side. Engage your core to stabilise your trunk. If you have good balance, challenge yourself to stand on one leg for the entire ad break. Then change legs when the next ad break comes on. If your balance is not so great, balance on one leg for one ad and change legs with each ad change.
One-foot balances
Comment below if you found this article helpful. Will you try these simple, but effective exercises in the next ad break? Let me know your thoughts/ideas :)


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